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Dog Walking

Dog walking business insurance will bring peace of mind to you and your customers, it is essential that you have this in place before starting your new dog walking business.

Dog walking Business Insurance provides specialised insurance for dog walkers and individual’s running dog walking services across the UK.

Pet Business Insurance companies understand the needs of part time and professional Dog Walkers. Their specifically designed Dog Walkers liability insurance policy has been developed for your pet business and can be tailored to suit your own individual needs.

The insurance policy should cover all your requirements as a dog walker. Including;

  • Public Liability – should an animal cause an accident or injury or damage someone else’s property
  • Care Custody and Control – in case you accidentally lose an animal or it is injured whilst in your care
  • Non Negligent Cover (as an extension of Public liability cover). Covers accidental injury to an animal in your care
  • Loss of Key Cover – in case you misplace your clients' keys
  • Employers Liability - should you have any staff or helpers

You can get tailored insurance to meet your individual needs and most offer annual or monthly installment payment options

As a Dog Walker you are responsible for the safety of the dogs and their actions whilst they are in your care.

When you meet a dog owning client for the first time as an introductory visit you should take a folder with you that contains your insurance certificate, your basic disclosure criminal record check, your membership certificate to a trade association like NarpsUK, any pet related certificates of training or qualifications you hold and any references you have – a few photos of the dogs you walk would be nice too.